Cross-cultural communication training for Japanese Staff working in foreign affiliated companies in Japan

■Course target

Japanese staff working in foreign affiliated companies in Japan


■Purpose of the course

This course is designed for Japanese staff working in a foreign affiliated company to gain business skills and knowledge of cross-cultural communication, negotiation, conflict management for a better team building with his/her non-Japanese bosses/colleagues. By understanding the differences in work values and decision making/communication/operational style through our exercises and case studies, the Japanese staff will greatly improve his/her performance in working in the multi-cultural organization.

■Course objectives to be achieved

To gain basic business skills to work for foreign affiliated companies.

To gain communication competency in cross-cultural work environment


■Course Program (sample)
To download the course program (PDF document), please click here.

Course Outline (Sample)

1. What business skills/knowledge are necessary to work in a foreign affiliated company?

Why is the understanding of cross-cultural skills so crucial to your business?
What are the core skills to perform in cross-cultural environment?

Global business skills

2.Global business core skill training

  • 18 possible risks in working in cross-cultural environment
  • Assets and skills required in working trans-national organization.

【Case study】 This exercise will reveal your recognition on an image of “foreign affiliated company” and discuss and categorize the image.

【Exercise 1】 Analysis of your communication style
Your way of communication: how far are you Japanese?

【Exercise 2】 Analysis of your business value
Decision making style, leadership style, management style etc.

  • Japanese way of communication: Japanese way of virtue
  • High-context society and low-context society.

【Case study 1】 Japanese affiliated company in France
How is European work/life value different?

【Case study 1】 Conflict Management
How can you avoid conflict in multi-national team member?


Case study




3. Cross-cultural communication skills

  • Case study for conflict resolution in multi-national work environment
  • Cross-cultural trouble shooting method. Stress management.
  • Logical speaking to clearly covey your message
  • How to say “No” courteously
  • Logical thinking
  • Dos and don’ts
  • International business etiquettes
  • Exercises of six skills of cross-cultural communication: RADAR Analysis、DIEC method、Open Question & Closed Question, I sentence, non-judgmental summary, non-verbal communication




Case Study

Role Play

■Course schedule

Upon your request. Please contact us for details.


■Course delivery

In a meeting/conference room of your company.


 :\50,000(tax included)/hour~

  • Free pre-visit of our management consultant to plan your customized program.
    Free teaching materials. (Text will be sent via e-mail as PDF data. Please print them making available to the course participants)


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