Our Services

Global Human Development
(Kaigai Jinzai Net) is a Japan-based intercultural training and consulting organization providing personal management services. Our mission is to contribute to global human development, by help individuals, teams and global enterprises to benefit from dynamics of their diversity.

Our services include;

  • Tailored training course

    For Non-Japanese staff.

  • To get started your business carrier in Japan
    Business etiquette in Japan, Japanese management, communication style of Japan
  • For Japanese staff working in a multi-cultural environment

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Business skill development for preparing your assignment abroad
  • International Negotiation skill development
  • Logical-thinking
  • Open training workshop
  • Business training for non-Japanese staff: working in a Japanese company
    Aichi April 2009,Tokyo:May 2009
  • Human Resource Management Services
  • Our consultant (Certified Labor and Social Security Lawyer) will provide following HR consulting services;
    1) Draw or revise Rules of Employment or Work Rules
    2) Draw or revises employment contract documents
    3) Apply/cancel social insurance
    4) Regular report on foreign staff to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.