Our Service Features

We, Global Human Development (Kaigai Jinzai Net)
will support in making your global human resources(into global human fortune ) to your company, through our Global Human Resource Management consulting, and training programs provided by our experts in global business and human resource management.


Our consulting features

■ We specialize in the Human Resource Management consulting of the enterprises employing non-Japanese staff.

■ We will provide relevant Human Resource advices by our management consultants, which will bring growth strategy to your company.

■ We will support you and provide wide range of human resource services through our network of relevant consultants including Certified Labor and Social Security Lawyer.

Our training program features

■ We offer tailored learning solutions by our consultants expertising in global business.

The main feature of our training services is that we provide "tailor-made" training services. You can understand our services better with a following analogy of types of apparel retail
shop: We are not department store,nor a supermarket, but `Pret-a-porte'
type of boutique.

Thus, our services start with a visit by our global management consultant. We hear the training needs, design and propose the most effective and tailored curriculums suitable to each company's needs.

■ We are not just a training provider, but aim to be a "performance creator"

  • For our custom-made training program, our management consultant meets your Human Resource officer and hears on your company's goal, and Human Resource strategies to identify performance gap between current and ideal competency of your staff.Later, we propose a right and just program with selected suitable case studies for you.
  • Even the foreign affiliated company who has long history of service operations in Japan, encounter with many conflicts and troubles of miss-communications or conflicts among staff with different nationality. We look into the causes of the bottleneck, and propose a relevant training program/workshop using case studies for staff to reflect their operations.
  • ■ We can offer training program in English for Non-Japanese staff with limited Japanese language ability.


    ■ We will offer practical training program using real trouble cases in actual business scene in Japan.