Preparing your business assignment in Japan

Course target

Non-Japanese staff working in enterprises in Japan


  • Purpose of the course
  • This course is designed for Non-Japanese staff working in an enterprise in Japan to gain business skills and knowledge regarding business etiquette, Japanese enterprise work culture, Japanese way of business communication style etc. Through our exercises and case studies in this course, your Non-Japanese staff will be able to make a smooth start of their business in Japan and can prevent possible conflicts due to differences in work culture and work values.

  • Course objectives
  • To gain basic business skills to work in Japan (business etiquette, Japanese work value, communication style)

    To gain communication competency in cross-cultural work environment


  • Course Program (sample)
  • To download the course program (PDF document), please click here.

    Course Outline (Sample)

    1. Develop attitude /emotional skills for cross-cultural work environment

    (1)your cultural gap experience

    (2)Process of adaptation stage

    (3)Types of negative responses

    Short exercise (20min): your cultural experience.

    Lecture (20 min): Reading
    The process of adaptation
    Negative response

    Short exercise(35min):
    Recognize types of ineffective responses

    Short exercise(20min): Analyze your adaptation stage, cross cultural coping skill

    2. Develop cognitive skills for cross-cultural work environment

    (1) layer of culture
    (2) moving beyond stereotypes
    (3) knowing your personal culture
    (4) Business Culture Briefing Japan:

    Organization Model/ your role
    Decision Making style, Body Language ,

    Business Value(Quality requirements, "Customer is God?", modesty), etc.

    Communication style

    Lecture (30min)Culture onion

    Reading 4.3 Cultural challenge at work

    Short exercise(30min) : Activity 2.6 stereotypes

    Short exercise(60 min): Analyzing your business value

    Lecture (80min) :Reading 1.1 Business Culture Briefing Japan

    Exercises/ Role-playing (40min)

    Activity 5.Ho-Ren-So?

    Course Outline (Sample)


    2. Develop cognitive skills for cross-cultural work environment

    Case Study :
    M & A : publishing company
    Geoff, British development engineer facing his counterparts in Japan
    RADAR analysis : your case

    Cross-Cultural Trouble cases with Japanese counterparts

    Case Study :

    • M & A : publishing company
    • British development engineer facing his counterparts in Japan
    • RADAR analysis : your case

    3. Develop effective cross-cultural communication

    (1) Communication theory

    (2) Communication skills
    • Active listening skill

    Pacing, non-verbal communication, Rapport building,

    • Questioning (open-ended), Paraphrase
    • Expression skill:

    Non judgmental summary
    (I) sentence

    • Conflict solving skill:

    DIEC method



    Lecture (60 min): Reading 8.2

    Cross-cultural and virtual communication skills


    Exercise(120min): Active listening

    Questioning, paraphrase etc.

    Lecture & Role play (60 min):

    Case: a staff being late for a meeting


  • Course schedule
  • Upon your request. Please contact us for details.


  • Course delivery
  • In a meeting/conference room of your company.

  • Fees
  • 55,000JPY(tax included)/hour

    • Free pre-visit of our management consultant to plan your customized program.
      Free teaching materials. (Text will be sent via e-mail as PDF data. Please print them making available to the course participants)
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