Our principles and beliefs of cross-cultural business training

~Our principles and beliefs~

We, Kaigai Jinzai Net, deliver relevant and practical training/workshops for enterprises, which are growing with a full use of the competency of global human recourses. To attain our goal, we make our best effort under the following beliefs and principles.


1. To bring a company tangible results
  We offer training/workshops based on the idea of "Performance Consulting"; as an organization of Human Development, we should not merely be a training provider, but a performance creator. Therefore, we, firstly consider the cost of the training (for instance, training fee and your opportunity costs of the time spent by the staff under the course). As a result of our global business training/cross-cultural communication training, you can expect actual skill development of your global staff, improved team-work, conflict resolution, and enhanced communication within your organization.

2. To propose "a tailored solution" to each and every enterprise

For our custom-made training program, our management consultant meets your Human Resource officer and hears on your company's goal, and Human Resource strategies to identify performance gap between current and ideal competency of your staff. .Later, we propose a "right and just" program with selected suitable case studies for you. In this way, we bring to your company, a solution for the problems routed in miss-communication or operational/perceptional differences among global staff.

To propose a relevant program based on theory and practice, which interferes at three level (attitude/emotional, cognitive/knowledge, action level)

Our global business training is based on sound cross-cultural communication theories of US, EU and Japan. Our program is designed to make a real impact and change on attitude, knowledge, and action level of each staff.

~Most effective way of cross-cultural training~

To demonstrate better job performance at the global business scene, you will be required to enhance the following three skills -1)attitude/emotional skills, 2)cognitive skills, 3)behavior skills. Our global business training will target to enhance your skills at these three levels.